November 2007

The garden in November

Vegie Patch - November 2007

4th November

We had 35 mms of rain last night


6th November

I planted 3 grape vines today. I don’t think they will grow enough this season to provide shade across the window the pergola is built around, but maybe next Summer will be a bit more bearable I am debating whether to grow a fast grower up the poles this year, maybe Butternut or squashes?

My pea vines are now dead from what ever virus they had that turned their stalks black. At least we got a couple of feeds from them before they keeled over though I wonder if the virus is carried in the seed or whether I can plant the seeds left on the vine. I guess I will just have to experiement {shrugs}

I also moved the Passionfruit vine today. It never thrived in it’s old location next to the climbing roses, so I moved to down to the old potato patch. I planted a couple of Zucchini seedlings there a couple of weeks ago and their growth has outshot the other seedlings planted elsewhere on the same day, but they have also outshot the ones planted months ago So the potato patch HAS to be the most fertile place in our garden. If the vine doesn’t thrive here then it never will


9th November

Bob and Harmony have been escaping lately. I think they may be jumping into the cherry plum and then climbing the fence Can chooks climb?! As a result of this, my garden is in a shambles and I have lost ALL of my Globe Artichokes that were doing so well. The Butternuts have gone also


10th November

I picked the first of the Perpetual Spinach today (which is not so ‘perpetual’ as it is running to seed) and put it into a Quiche Lorraine. It was delicious!! It gave the quiche a sweet flavour I also made a 6 egg pavlova today and tommorrow we are having a little bit of bacon with eggs for breakfast – can you tell it’s Springtime! The hens are laying like it’s going out of style


11th November

Today I FINALLY got the kids out into the sunshine to plant out some of their seedlings. I planted the Bantam Peas straight into the ground at the back of the patch as I discovered after opening the packet that they had been sprayed with the pink stuff and I didn’t want the kids handling them.

Then they planted out the following:

*10 Purple King Beans
*5 Blue Lake Beans
*approx. 12-16 Terrific Corn
*4 Giant Russian Sunflowers
*3 Butterbeans

I’m also going to plant my Sugarcane into their patch since the weather has well and trully warmed up


14th November

Today was spent weeding all the vegie patches. It’s that time of year when gardening is less about growing things, and more about slashing back the mutant weeds to let the ‘real’ plants grow…It’s VERY obvious at this time of year that the author of ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ was a gardener.


18th November

Today I planted the following seedlings:

*Pak Choi (with snail bait) as a garden border in the top vegie patch
*Cotton (along the top chicken wire fence)
*Amish Paste Tomatoes (in the new vegie patch)


25th November

Today I noticed one of my last surviving Sugarsnap pea vines had 1/2 a dozen dried pea pods on it. So I collected them and shelled them and replanted the 27 seeds I got back along the chicken wire fence in the top vegie garden. I also went to my Primary School Reunion today. The school now also has Steiner schooling and as a result it is the most beautiful school I have ever seen. They have a permaculture garden and a chook and duck pen. One of the classes are doing experients with open pollinated seeds and how the plants can be changed and improved (or not) depending on which seeds are collected and how they are pollinated. As a result they have more seeds then they know what to do with and I am now the proud owner of some of these seeds Hopefully I get some time to grow them with Christmas making a hasty approach…

My hubby drilled holes into the gavanised steel posts he put in for the grape vine pergola and threaded through some wire rope. He managed to do nearly 3 rows before the rope ran out


29th November

I went nuts in the garden today.

I planted the following seedlings:

*Nasturtiums (around the fruit trees, grape vines and inbetween the cotton seedlings) *Butternuts (around the grapes)
*Butterbeans (in the kids vegie patch)
*Blue Lake Beans (Around my son’s bean teepee)
*Amaranth (as a border between the two bottom vegie patches)
*Lebanese Cucumbers (along the chook wire fence behind the Cherry tree)

I also did a bit of weeding and took a few photos. I FINALLY staked the Tomatoes. I had put the stakes in months ago, but had just never got round to tying the plants to them. A lot of the plants have flower buds on them, and one plant’s flowers were even open – YAY! I planted some seeds too. Where the kids had planted their corn seedlings, only one had survived, so I planted some seeds in situ. I also planted some more Butter Bean seeds in a row to replace the ones that were already there but had died due to snails and/or heat


30th November

Here is my loooooong list of things that I REALLY need to do in the garden. As they get done I will mark them off with a highlight them in red

To Do List

-Plant Nasturtiums around the Almond Tree
-Plant Squashes (in the Rose patch)
-Plant Spaghetti Squashes (in Rose patch 5/12)
-Plant out all the seedlings that are flowering before they die (Some 5/12)
-Weed (parts of the vegie patches)
-Fix holes around the bottom three citrus trees before the chooks suceed in digging them up (27/12)
-Plant more spuds
-Plant Sugarbaby watermelon seedlings next to the small chicken coop (5/12)
-Get Cherry net (30/11)
-Plant my new Italian Parsley seeds (16/12)
-Get my daughter a pot and potting mix so she can plant her Snapdragon seeds (16/12)
-Move the Pineapples to the kids vegie patch (11/12)
-Plant the sugarcane in the kids vegie patch (16/12)
-Plant more corn seeds in situ (5/12)
-Plant more cucumber seeds in situ (5/12)
-Plant out Pickling Cucumbers in the Rose patch (11/12)
-Plant out Moon & Stars seeds along grape vine trellis (5/12)
-Spread Dynamic Lifter where needed
-Sprinkle Giant Russian Sunflower seeds in the kids vegie patch and new vegie patch (5/12)
-Weed around the Bay Tree (2/12)
-Plant the Blueberries before they die (30/12)
-Sprinkle lettuce seeds as ground cover (5/12)

*Phew! Now that’s quite a list


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