October 2007

4th October

The garden in October

Vegie Patch - October 2007

Today I planted more Lima bean seeds. The little blackbird seems to particularly like them She doesn’t eat them, just digs them up and then the snails and slugs have a field day on them sucking their insides out – for some strange reason they don’t eat the bean skin {shrugs} I also planted a packet of Kelvedon Glory F1 Corn seeds in with the Lima beans. I also heavily mulched the zucchini seedlings in the top vegie patch and removed their milk bottles as they’re big enough now to look after themselves

‘Why are we so fearful of germs?
Is it because we recognise in them our
very own parasidic tendencies
towards our host planet?’



6th October

I dug a new vegie patch today along the top fence. This is the kids very own patch. They will pick their own seeds to plant and water it and tend to it themselves. Once it was dug I sprinkled some chook poo on it, replaced the upturned weeds (that weren’t couch grass), shredded enough old bills and bank statements to cover the area, then covered that in dynamic lifter and finally covered the lot in a thick layer of straw. This will sit now for a couple of weeks while the kids seeds become seedlings and hopefully then they will have a lovely garden bed to plant them into

A seed tray was started with the kids seeds as follows:

*Green Mignonette Lettuce
*Giant Russian Sunflowers
*Rainbow Chard Silverbeet
*Sweetie Tomato
*Purple King Beans
*Terrific Sweet Corn
*Sugarbaby Watermelon
*Dwarf Butter Beans
*Blue Lake Beans

I started a tray of seeds for myself also:
*Brandywine Tomato (another Amish variety)
*Lebanese Cucumber (since all mine died while I was sick and didn’t water them )
*Rainbow Chard Silverbeet
*Pak Choi
*Pickling Gherkin (see Cucumber)
*Brussels Sprouts
*Californian Red Bell Pepper
*Butternut Pumpkin
*Bull’s Horn Capsicum

I also planted out the following seedlings:

*5 zucchini
*4 corn
*many California Red Bell Peppers
*3 Amish Paste Tomatoes


15th October

Bought two pots on Friday and this morning we filled them with dirt. The kids picked 6 Watermelon seeds each and planted them into the pots. They were covered with straw and watered in. If all the watermelon seeds that were planted into the tray the other week sprout along with these we’re gonna be in trouble – I don’t think even I could eat that many melons


28th October

My mate Jen bought round a Pinot Noir Grape vine today


29th October

We planted the carrot tape along the front of the kids vegie garden today. I don’t know how it will go, I suspect we may not get any carrots unless we keep it well watered Aidan’s watermelon seeds in the pot are up. Ayla’s aren’t so we have planted 6 more seeds (Yeah, I can see a glut coming on too )


30th October

Ayla’s watermelons have started to sprout *cough* glut


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