April 2008

5th April

Weeded…my fingers are too numb and my muscles are too tired to type any more…

6th April

I scattered a LOT of lettuce seed today. My plan is to make lettuce borders. The snails probably have other plans…
Infact I had a seed sprinkling frenzy. In went Onions, Cabbage and Brocolli by the handful. The Snowpeas couldn’t be sprinkled, but in they went as well.
I put down some more newspaper to make a new gardenbed out behind the new grapevine pergola. The rest of the lawn left can be paved.

10th April

I thought it would be nice to border the pergola with flowers, so out went all the seedlings I had (which in reality didn’t amount to that much). I also finally planted the bulbs there. I also moved the Bougainvillea from the now non-existant chook fence to its relocated resting spot. In doing this, O noticed that the Broad Beans and Sweet Peas are starting to break through. I should have a really pretty living fence. So long as none of the chooks escape anyhoo…

11th April

I;m still florally obssessed, so today i pruned the climbing rose and planted some of the cutting along the fence. {shhh} Then I went shopping and bought too many seeds.

13th April

I sprinkled more Carrot seed into the carrot patch and fixed the fairy arch today. Now that the chooks are moved, the kids can have their fairy garden back.

14th April

My daughter planted a whole heap of flower seeds (with fairy-like names) into the fairy garden today.

20th April

I bought more bulbs and planted them into the fairy garden. Then I broke up 4 entire garlic heads and planted them into the area I newspapered the other day, and for good measure, I covered the lot in Mustard seed.

30th April

It was my son’s birthday today. We woke up with the first frost of the season.


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When I'm not writing or crocheting, I'm training for the zombie apocalypse.
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