May 2008

9th may

Not so many posts this month, it’s cold outside…and the house is so cosy…

But I still managed to nick outside today and sprinkle two packets of Brown Onion seeds in the garlic patch – it’s getting a bit crowded in there.

10th May

Well, so much for paving what is left of the lawn – we squeezed another bed in there today, now really, we will pave the rest…

14th May

With the new garden bed yesterday, we used the last of the chook poo. The resultant bald patch of lawn was covered in plenty of Carrot seed today. I raked a little dirt over the top and stuck an artifical bird on a stick into the middle. This keeps the birds away, but I nervously await the day (that I know is coming all too soon) that the birds wise up and move in to eat all my seeds.

23nd May

It’s been so bitterly cold the last two days. I blow my fingers to warm them from the morning frosts.


About mrszoomby

When I'm not writing or crocheting, I'm training for the zombie apocalypse.
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