Rain, Rain and Yet More Fabulously Glorious Rain

Yesterday I had to go to the library. Now since I do not drive, I had to walk it. It’s not a long walk, but once I had dropped my son off at school and it had started to drizzle, it certainly feels like a longer walk than what it really is.

I kept glancing at the sky and hoping we weren’t about to get the hail that was predicted for today just yet. Out came the umbrellas half way there and my daughter kept yelling at the sky to stop raining. I kept hoping it would keep ip, just not the hail yet.

It drizzled all the way there, the warmth and dryness of the library was like a heaven I cannot describe to anyone who has not braved a walk in the rain lately. And unfortunately this is most people these days. Does anyone even remember having to walk through rain, hail or shine to get to school? These days, I am one of the few parents that actually walk their kids to school. As we walk, we count off the number plates of all my son’s classmates. It makes me sad to think that these kids will never know the appreciation of a dry library.

So, as a treat on the way home, I bought some hot chips. The Fish ‘n Chip shop was not yet open, but the owner was inside and she hurried us in out of the rain – it was rain now, not drizzle, but thankfully, still no hail. Once again it was another warm, safe haven. And so we sat for ten minutes, watching the rain bounce of the roofs of cars and smelling the scent of hot oil that somehow smells so much different when you are inside a Fish ‘n Chip shop.

“Vinegar?” the owner asks.
“Yes please” I reply

And we are on our way. We walk for a couple of minutes before the smell of hot chips, salt and vinegar overpowers us both. We huddle under the eaves of a shop and rip open a corner of the paper. Out rises hot, vinegary steam. Our tummies rumble and ache for the warm food. The chips burn our fingers as we grab them and shovel them in.

Truly, there is nothing more satisfying than hot chips on a rainy day…

Today though, there is sunshine, and so much promise. My fingers itch at the thought of getting out there and planting stuff.


About mrszoomby

When I'm not writing or crocheting, I'm training for the zombie apocalypse.
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One Response to Rain, Rain and Yet More Fabulously Glorious Rain

  1. Ashlee says:

    I don’t drive either, so I walk in alot of rain too! The chips sound yummy 🙂 I love what I’ve read of your blog. I’ll link it on mine :)Have a fab evening Ashhttp://wildschwein.wordpress.com

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