Seedlings, Seedlings Everywhere

On the weekend we went to our local market. It’s a lovely place, situated on the side of a hill and in amongst a carpark (I know that doesn’t make it sound anywhere near as lovely as what it really us). Anyway, we were on the hunt for a new Nelly Kelly passionfruit vine – hopefully one that I can’t kill this year 😉 But what we ended up coming home with was ten enormous brocolli seedlings. They are just beautiful! I mentioned recently that I was missing the wonderful taste of homegrown brocolli, and once I saw these beauties, i just knew i had to have them. They are big enough that the snails won’t devour them before I do 🙂

On the way home we called into my inlaws to collect some bricks for our outdoor oven. In the process, my father inlaw gave me some celery seedlings – more yummo! Three days later and the snails still haven’t noticed them, so maybe I will also get lucky with these ones.

My husband also came across the most beautiful door for our oven too. It has come off an old woodfire oven that was ready for the scrapheap. The door though is perfect, not a spot of rust anywhere. It actually has two doors on it, one with a flat tray – so that will be perfect for my Naan bread.

So overall – we had a really lucky weekend!


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When I'm not writing or crocheting, I'm training for the zombie apocalypse.
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