Just a Rant…

With all this talk of global warming, carbon offsets, climate change and greenhouse emissions, I am wondering what is so wonderfully great with the human lifestyle of today that the government seem to reinforce? We live in a society today that does not notice an old lady who died alone in her house. Nobody knows who their neighbours are nor what they have been up to. Depression and mental illness is skyrocketing but ironically no one seems to care. Debt is rising, yet everyone seems to own a mobile phone – we are always contactable but eternally alone is a world that speeds on by. We have all these labour saving devices but are left with no time to ourselves. Obesity is rampant, yet we have no time to exercise.

So what, I ask the government, is so truly wonderful about all this? Why do you insist on maintaining our current lifestyle and try desperately to fit the climate change challenges around the misery? Humans are funny beings, we are known to be highly intelligent and have proven time and again throughout the course of history that our brains are incredibly adaptable. Yet, and history once again shows us, we are as stubborn as a mule when it comes to voluntary change.

What are we all scared of? That life could get worse? And yet, that is the way we are headed if we remain with our heads in the sand as we wait for the government of today to decide how much change is enough to maintain this miserable existence.


About mrszoomby

When I'm not writing or crocheting, I'm training for the zombie apocalypse.
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One Response to Just a Rant…

  1. daharja says:

    I’m right with you. After all, didn’t the Nazis consider their culture the height of sophistication as well?I find so much of our culture and society brutal, uncaring and totally uncivilised. We pour poisons onto the earth and eat the food that grows from it, and we pour poison into our bodies and then wonder why we get sick. I don’t know how these changes we face will pan out, but maybe life after the crash may be more fruitful and wholesome than the current mode of existence, if only we let it.

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