Planting Frenzy

The other day I ever so quietly snuck out into the garden. In one hand I had a small spade, and in the other a handful of pumpkin seedlings. While no one was watching I planted them in a mad flurry. Shhh…next in went some spaghetti squashes and ten cucumber seedlings. Heaven’s knows what we will do with TEN vines of cucumbers come February. Especially since the next lot of seedlings to go in were 8 Lebanese cucumbers!!

Yes, it is THAT time of year again. I am planting like it is going out of style. Like a silent maniac I also planted the following:

*Hale’s best rock melon (6 seedlings)
*Sugar baby watermelon (8 seedlings)
*Fenugreek (loads)
*Luffa (6 seedlings)
*Romanesco zucchini (only 1 seedling, but next to 9 other established ones)
*Amish paste tomatoes (5 seedlings)
*Nigella (about 6 or so)
*Cos lettuce (12 seedlings)
*Some more lettuce, but this lot from the neighbour (LOADS of these went in)

I think that if the recession really does hit, I just may be able to feed the ENTIRE street. Well, I would like to think so anyway 🙂

As I gardened, I noticed that my broccoli has started to head. I had to smile at this. Everyone told me I was planting them at the wrong time of the year. For two years running I have planted broccoli at the ‘right’ time of the year. Each time it resulted in no crop what so ever. So I went with my gut instinct this year and planted them when ever I damn well felt like it!

Tomorrow I think I will plant some more. I still have basil and apple cucumbers and poppies and more lettuces and tomatoes and…


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When I'm not writing or crocheting, I'm training for the zombie apocalypse.
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