Woo-Hoo! I Scored the Spring Flush

All of the seedlings I planted from the last post have sprung from the ground at such a rate that you would suspect steriods were involved. Somehow I managed to get lucky and plant them all just before the spring flush. This occurs every year, but since I had missed it every time, it had taken on a mythical, urban legend feeling to me. But no, it exists! And as a result I have vines now instead of seedlings. They are still quite small, but considering I only planted them a week or so ago, it appears that a miracle has been performed in my garden.

With all this wonderful growth has also come the October rains. Yes, I know it’s November, but every year here we get rains late in October. They just came little later this year. With all the talk of an especially bad bush fire season, it was only to be expected that they would be delayed – or nonexistant. I’m just glad it’s not the later option 🙂

But with all this wonderful plant growth has come the realisation that I will have to hook up my greywater system this weekend. It consists of a long black hose that leads from my laundry tub, out the window and down into a green wheelie bin. Because our laundry is up so high, I only have the option of saving the entire load of water everytime. This is not ideal for vegie gardens because of the high contaminant levels in the first lot of water. So long as I water only the ground and don’t splash any water up onto the plants, it all should be fine. I can understand why people shy away from encourageing greywater use on food gardens, but so long as people are really careful in what they are doing, then there shouldn’t be a problem. Of course, if anyone in the family gets ill why we are using greywater, then their clothes are washed seperately and the water in not used on the garden.

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