BRAHMI (Bacopa monniera)
(Water Hyssop)Cultivation – Damp soil or full water in semi shade.

Propagation – Cuttings taken in Summer

Flowers – appear in early Summer

Dimensions – Approx. 30cm high Indefinate width



Can be used in Ayuvedic treatments. Also as a memory
inhancer, laxative, astringent, in cases of
insanity and epilepsy. It can be used as a carditonic
and diuretic. This plant may also have anti-cancer

****All parts of this plant can be toxic if ingested,
so it is recommened to be only used by a qualified

Magical – None found


I could find very little information on this plant. A
lot of people seem to recommend it but little appears
to be known about it, so if anyone has any additional
information on it, I would love to hear it. Brahmi
is a SE Asian member of the foxglove family and
contains saponins that are similar in effect to
reserpine (an alkaloid) which is found in Indian
Snakeroot (Rauvolfia serpentina). Therefore, I would
recommend this herb to be used in replacement of
Brahmi (where possible) as a lot more appears to be
known about Indian Snakeroot. Brahmi can be grown in
the ground or a pot with regular but not extreme
waterings. Mine is grown this way, but it has not
flowered yet, which is something to keep in mind.


The Royal Horticultural Society New Encyclopedia
of Herbs and Their Uses by Deni Bown (ISBN
0751333867) Published by DK

Website:>Disclaimer: This is for reference guide only.
Herbs can be used
effectively for mild ailments but medical advice
should be consulted
first to rule out major illnesses.


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