Button Snakeroot

BUTTON SNAKEROOT (Liatris spicata)
(Blazing Star, Gay Feather)Cultivation – Moist to wet soil in an open, sunny
Propagation – Seed sown when ripe. Division in

Flowers – appear in Summer

Harvest – Leaves are collected during Summer. The
roots are collected in Autumn

Dimensions – 1-1.5 metres high 45cm wide



Internal – This plant has astringent,
and diuretic properties. Use for kidney stone and

External – Sore throats

**This plant contains coumarins which may cause
damage and reduced blood clotting

Magical – None found, but it’s relative Liatris
odoratissima (Deers Tongue) can be used in Lust
and to enhance psychic powers


This plant has amazing blooms in bright pink, so
even if it doesn’t have a lot of properties, it is
a nice plant to brighten up the herb garden. The
leaves could possibly be used in weaving (depending on how
big the plant gets). Both L. scariosa and L.
squarrosa can be used in L. spicata’s place. Button
snakeroot has been used in folklore to treat
snakebites in North America. The leaves of the
plant can be added with other herbs when making herbal
insect repellants.


Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Magical Herbs by
Scott Cunningham (ISBN 0875421229) Published by
Llewellyn Publications

The Royal Horticultural Society New Encyclopedia
of Herbs and Their Uses by Deni Bown (ISBN
0751333867) Published by DK

Disclaimer: This is for reference guide only.
Herbs can be used effectively for mild ailments
but medical advice should be consulted first to rule
out major illnesses.


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