Chamomile, Roman

CHAMOMILE, ROMAN (Chamaemelum nobile, syn. Anthemis
(Camomyle, Chamaimelon, Ground Apple, Maythen,
Roman Camomile, Whig Plant)

Cultivation – Light, well drained soil in full Sun

Propagation – Seed sown in Spring or Autumn. Division
in Spring

Flowers – are produced in early Summer

Harvest – Flowers are gathered in Summer. Dried
flowers keep for one year only

Dimensions – 10-30cm high. 45cm wide



Internal – Digestive problems (incl. colic,
diverticulitis, morning sickness and stress induced
dyspepsia), painful menstruation, insomnia,
feverish illnesses, hyperactivity and temper tantrums
in children

External – Irritated or sore skin, nappy rash

**Handling may cause dermatitis in susceptible people.
The essential oil is only to be used by qualified

Culinary – Flowers can be used in herbal teas and
Sherry (Manzanilla, a Spanish drink). Small amounts
of chopped leaves can be used to flavour cream dishes

Magical – Money, Sleep, Love, Purification


Chamaemelum comes from the Greek work chamaimelon
which means ‘apple of the ground’, due to the scent
the leaves release when disturbed. This is the plant
that is used to make lawns although in order to do
this, the area must be weed free and must stay this
way. A handwash made of Chamomile is used by gamblers
to attract money. This herb can be sprinkled around
the house to break curses and spells cast against you.
Chamomile is an excellent nursemaid to sick plants.
And if you are thinking of planting this next to a
sick plant, make sure Chamomile is planted on both
sides otherwise you will get a lopsided plant (I can
say this from experience). Chamomile tea was made
immortalised in Beatrix Potter’s Tale of Peter Rabbit.


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Disclaimer: This is for reference guide only.
Herbs can be used
effectively for mild ailments but medical advice
should be consulted
first to rule out major illnesses.


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