BOOK REVIEW: The Put ’em Up! Preserving Answer Book by Sherri Brooks Vinton

The Put Em Up Preserving Answer Book by Sherri Brooks Vinton


Do you have questions about preserving food? Sherri Brooks Vinton has the answers! In this handy Q&A reference, Sherri answers 399 of the most commonly asked questions about canning, pressure canning, refrigeration, freezing, drying, and fermentation, including how to apply these techniques to specific fruits and vegetables. She also addresses setting up your kitchen, choosing the best varieties for your needs, making substitutions, and much more. With this kitchen companion in hand, even complete beginners will soon be putting up the harvest, safely and easily.

*My Book Review*

DISCLAIMER: This book/eBook being reviewed was provided free of charge by NetGalley in return for an honest review.

Right from the outset, this book does not shove the ‘growing your own is better‘ mantra down the readers throat. Not that there’s anything wrong with that mantra – it’s true after all, it’s just that when you read a lot of self-sufficiency books, it gets to be overkill after a while. 😉 Yeah, it’s still there, yet in no way does it feel like a Jehovah’s Witness has just knocked on your door!

The information is concise without being bland, in depth where needed and simplified as required. The section on sterilising is particularly detailed without being boring to read – no mean feat for such an import section! I also love the quick little ‘Kitchen Tips‘ scattered throughout the book.

Now, for the questions. Some are random and seemingly obscure (Can I use golden beets instead of red in my recipe?) yet they are all relevant and timely in relation to the topic. In fact, I found I enjoyed these odd questions more than the generalised frequently asked questions, as it bought the reader completely into the topic and there was an immersion level there that wouldn’t normally be achieved with your standard FAQ fact sheets.

And what about recipes?

Yep, this book even has some recipes to get you started!

Over all, I am giving The Put ’em Up! Preserving Answer Book by Sherri Brooks Vinton 5 out of 5 stars!






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